Get Life Right

Get Life Right Military Program

Our plan and our priority is to give this book to those with PTSD, wounded worriers in the hospital, rehab or recovery and their families free. We also want to make it available to all other service members and vets at our cost.

To do so, we are seeking the help of Chaplains and Service Organizations such as the YMCA who minister to the military community on an ongoing basis.

PTSD – Get Life Right doesn’t appear to be written for those with PTSD; but it had them in mind. It is designed to give them clarity, direction and momentum.

Placing – Putting books in waiting rooms is our way of introducing people to its Ten Minute Reads. We encourage readers to buy their own copies, but if they’ll take them home and read them it’s okay.

Conserving Ammo – Books in the hands of people who don’t read them take books away from those who do.  Except for certain hospital and rehab wards, books handed out to anyone who picks them up are like bullets sprayed on the hillsides. Books that hit their targets get to people who are hurting, receive it as reward, or are asking for it.

Help – We need a person, an organization or both to take charge of ordering more books, keeping a supply, and replace the books that are given or get taken home and keeping people  aware of the program.

Families – Any service member who is reading Get Life Right can request a free downloadable copy for a family member. They can order through Place It discount code Military.

Buy&Donate – Get Life Right can be purchased from most major book sources or downloaded from ITunes, Amazon or Kindle and soon audibly. Profits from books sold pay for the books we give away.