Book In a Bottle

Place it Forward

We Pay it Forward with books we leave in public places. We call our program Place it Forward.

A few minutes into a found book can change a person’s life.

Those who have benefited from it most were not looking for help when they found it.

If you would like to Place a book or give one to a loved one and you order a book from Place if Forward Button we will send you a second book free. Order Here


If you work at or frequent places where people wait, as in hospitals, subways or doctors’ offices etc. and occasionally you would replace the books that get taken home, we will give you books in quantity.

Service organizations that help wounded worriers, those with dependencies or any other group of people who need help with their lives can also get free books in quantity. Some organizations use them for fund raisers.

Send a sentence or two about how you would like to use these books and your email address to We will get back to you.